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Grooming Agreement

Additional Dogs Form
(for households with 3 or more dogs being groomed)

Thank you for choosing THE CHATTY K-9 on the go… We are very excited to add your dog to our route. Our #1 focus is your dog, and insuring they are safe and secure. Our 2nd focus is to achieve your desired look. Our experience focuses on dogs being healthy from the inside/out. We believe regular grooming for all breeds is an optimal proponent to their overall well being. A healthy diet, exercise and grooming all lead to a dog that lives a long and happy life. Grooming is equivalent to washing, exfoliating and drying our faces. Imagine what our skin would look like if that was never done, or even done once or twice a year… a dog that is not washed and most importantly dried thoroughly will typically shed profusely and over time can develop multiple skin issues. These issues can mean many trips to the vet, medications, shots and etc. Some of those issues can be minimized by a regular grooming schedule, and again a healthy diet and exercise. We are always here to help answer any questions and if we do not know the answer, we will direct you to someone who does. Our knowledge comes from being certified dog groomers, certified in dog first aide, attending continued educational seminars and owners of multiple dog households. We are looking forward to providing you with the luxury mobile grooming service. No need to be home, No multiple trips to the salon to drop off and pick up, No drool and hair covering the inside of your car, No barking dogs, No time spent in a crate, just Hassle free scheduling for you & Stress free grooming for your dog(s).

Please take a minute to download and fill out the grooming aggreement so we can insure we have all the information needed to maintain our level of standards. (if you are a current customer, we would like to update our records)

If you have multiple dogs you can download extra dog information forms separately.

Thank you,

Appointment Policy

I understand that due to the fact that The Chatty K-9 notifies me minimally 48 hours in advance and they have a preferred routing schedule. If my dog(s) is not accessible on that day that they will automatically charge my credit card for the full grooming price. If by some chance my appointment needs to be change, I must reschedule 48 hours prior to the appointment date. This enables The Chatty K-9 to fill my time with another groom on their route.